Do You want Some Magic In Your Life? Have Courage! From “Big Magic” By Elizabeth Gilbert

I have always been a big fan of the author Elizabeth Gilbert. It started after reading her book “Eat Pray Love”. I absolutely fell in love with her writing style, her bold and blunt way of expressing herself and her amazing sense of humor! For now let’s focus on this gem here; her most recent book: BIG MAGIC.

Big Magic is a book that I recommend for those who are looking to add some passion and flavor into their life and who isn’t?

No matter what I write about Big Magic, words aren’t enough to describe how amazing it is! So I’ll let you read it and see for yourself.

So here we go: Lessons I have learned from Big Magic so far:

  • Creative living doesn’t mean a life full of creating art pieces, singing, dancing or making music ( It can be though if that is your calling); Creative living is simply having the courage to dig deep and discover the treasures and gifts that are inside you! Then having the courage to use these gifts and talents and make yourself be known and seen for who you really are.
  • Having the courage to lead a creative life does not mean we don’t have fear…It is really important to make the distinction between courage and fearlessness…Courage is pursuing something amazing while looking fear in the eye and saying ” Yup, I am doing it no matter what you say!”, On the other hand, being fearless is not something any of us would want; the only fearless people out there are psychopaths or sociopaths. Which leads us to the next lesson…
  • We were all born with fear. Fear is actually a natural part of us; Fear protects us from making stupid decisions that could lead to injury, or even worse, death! Fear has a specific job: to protect us from things that have the potential to hurt us in some way, whether it be a physical risk (getting into a car accident) or even psychological and emotional risks ( Being vulnerable, falling in love…) . So really, we should be pretty grateful for Mr.Fear! ( That is what I would like to call fear; it is good to be polite! Since it is part of me anyways).
  • When we let fear take over our life and make decisions for us, something happens…Life becomes boring! Fear is always the same. Let me paint you a picture: if fear takes over, we won’t pursue anything that makes our life worth living ( Writing a book, travelling, the career of your dreams), we won’t fall in love, and even if we do? we will always keep our distance  because we can’t let ourselves be seen and loved.
  • Human beings are creative beings. Want Evidence? Look around you! Throughout human history, there is evidence of creative work in EVERY SINGLE CIVILIZATION that ever existed. Humans have created art, music,and designs. So when we talk about creativity and say ” How can I be creative?”…That is not really accurate because we ARE creative already! We are born creative. All we have to do is have the courage to let this creativity lead our lives and take us on a journey to an amazing , rich life! This is why children are able to tap into their creativity more easily than adults because they haven’t formed any fear of judgment that humans acquire when they become adults.
  • Creativity goes along with vulnerability and in order to be vulnerable, you need courage!

I want to end this post and leave you with this final thought: Creative living means living big! How can we live big? To put it in Elizabeth Gilbert’s words “Decorate yourself”. What the heck does that mean?

It means don’t be afraid of new things! Wanna write a book? Go for it! Wanna change your career? Take the necessary steps! You have an opinion about something? Say it and be honest about it! You like someone? Go ask them out! You love someone? Tell them! You want to get a tattoo? By all means, go get it! Wanna change your haircut? Do it! You might be thinking ” But I am scared…I am terrified…I can’t”. That is fear talking! and That is perfectly okay, just answer back ” I know you’re trying to protect me, Mr.Fear, so if you really care, I invite you to be part of the journey, so you can make sure yourself that I am okay, however;I have one rule: YOU CAN NEVER TAKE OVER”

I think you are starting to understand the lesson here: Being on this planet right now is a unique and mysterious experience and it is truly marvelous. Don’t waste your time living someone else’s life or achieving someone else’s dreams; go chase yours!

More importantly, let yourself be seen and loved for exactly who you are! Let’s  cultivate the courage to live a big, creative life.

For me, starting this blog has been one of the ways I am living big. If I have let fear take over, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

With Love,


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