Nutrition Basics: Change Your Diet to Change Your Life- Part 2

Book: Love your Body

Author: Talia Fuhrman 

In the last article I wrote, I shared with you some nutrition basics that I learned from the book Love Your Body by the author Talia Fuhrman. Since I couldn’t share all the amazing inspirational nutrition basics in the first article, I decided to write two articles about those basics ( and obviously, because nutrition is so critical for health and one article is simply NOT ENOUGH).

So I will get right into it. Here are the nutrition basics tips that I have learned from the book:

1- Include Legumes in your diet. Did you know that legumes have high fiber content and that they are so FILLING? Here is a list of legumes that Talia shared in the book:

  • Black beans
  • White kidney beans
  • Great northern beans
  • Navy beans
  • Pinto beans
  • Red kidney beans
  • Small white beans
  • Black beluga lentils
  • Black lentils
  • Green lentils
  • Red lentils
  • Yellow lentils
  • Black-eyed peas
  • Chickpeas
  • Split peas (yes that is their name!)

So next time you go grocery shopping and meal planning, you can use this list to get you started!

2- Make sure you eat clean carbohydrates. There are lots of processed, white-flour-based carbohydrates out there that are stripped from their nutritional value as they are being processed. They basically become”cardboard”, as Talia referred to processed carbohydrates. Why would you want to eat that? (I know I don’t!). Here is a list of amazing, delicious sources of carbohydrates to get you started:

  • Manna organics and Ezekiel bread (Manna is a brand and Ezekiel is a type of bread)
  • Yams and sweet potatoes
  • Squashes (all types)
  • Millet
  • Farro
  • Buckwheat
  • Barley
  • Spelt berries ( they are actually a really old species of wheat, not actual berries)
  • Black, brown and wild rice (yum!)
  • Quinoa ( my personal favorite!)

3- Raise your hand if you like cheese (RAISES HAND!). If you love cheese and want to eat a plant-based diet, DO NOT DESPAIR! There are many kinds of vegan cheese that will satisfy your appetite and will not harm your body in the process. Here is a list of vegan cheeses that Talia shared in the book:


4- Include healthy snacks in your diet. You might be wondering”What is an example of a healthy snack”? I was wondering the same thing! Here is a list of snack ideas that Talia shared:

  • Sliced apples with almond, peanut, walnut or sunflower seed butter (organic apples are a better choice!).
  • LARABARS ( these are my absolute favorite bars! They are free from agave nectar, honey, processed sugar, soy protein isolate, whey protein and salt. They also come in many flavors! YUM!)
  • Edamame
  • Spiced nuts and seeds
  • Manna bread with nut butter and organic jelly (hands down, MY FAVOURITE SNACK!)

5- Practice mindful eating. Aim for an overall healthy diet and have a positive relationship with food. Remember that you are not perfect and neither is your diet. Delete the concept of”guilty pleasures” from your life. You should NEVER feel guilty for eating something you chose to put in your body. Instead, be extra mindful and give yourself permission to enjoy it and take responsibility for it. When you do that, your cravings will decrease. If you consume food with guilt, those emotions will harm your body even more than the food itself! Have fun with food!

I hope you find this list of nutrition basics helpful. I highly recommend that you read this book because it has nutritional advice and has many recipes that will help you get started on the path of healthy, fun, plant-based eating.

You can find the book on Amazon by following this link: 

Eat healthy. Feel beautiful. Change your life!

With love,


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