Live like a warrior: Embrace beauty and solitude

Before I write about this amazing book, I would like to start by explaining the story behind it. In this book, Paulo Coelho transcribes a manuscript which was discovered by an English Archeologist in 1974. The origin of the manuscript was traced to the city of Accra, outside the Egyptian territory, according to Coelho.

This manuscript (which is written in Arabic, Hebrew, and Latin) has been found to be quite recent (possibly as late as AD 1307). There are at least 155 copies of the document in the world, three of which belongs to the Coptic Museum in Cairo.

Okay, enough about the history. I just want to start by saying that this book has brought me to tears many times while reading it. Yes, IT IS THAT BEAUTIFUL AND THAT POWERFUL.

For that reason, I decided to share the parts that touched my soul and resonated with me the most.

Here are the beautiful lessons I learned from this book:

  • Be a warrior. Live like a warrior. No, I am not saying that life is a war. I am referring to the qualities of a warrior. Warriors live with courage. Warriors are aware. They are aware of their emotions. They do not deny fear. They move forward and chase their dreams DESPITE their fear. Warriors fail and they are not defeated by failure. They have faith that one day, they will tell the story of their success. Warriors know that if they don’t fight, they won’t win. Warriors give their selves permission to grieve their failures. They may cry, feel helpless, defeated, weak and humiliated. Because they are aware of their emotions and because they feel them with courage, they are able to get up and fight again. Warriors love with courage. They love with all their hearts. They know it is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.
  • Embrace solitude. Spend time with yourself. When you spend time with yourself, you will truly get to know yourself and you will get in touch with what your soul truly desires. There is so much noise in the world around us. That is why it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between what you want and what you “think” you want in life. I believe that there are treasures hidden inside each of us, waiting to be discovered and explored. It is funny because most of us know that on some level, yet we are afraid to discover those hidden talents. Why? Because we know that we could do so much with them, but it is so scary. We would rather turn a blind eye to the treasures inside of us than acknowledge their presence and take action. That is because making excuses and blaming other people is so much easier than taking responsibility for our own lives.  Isn’t that sad? You must be wondering” well sure, I want to spend time with myself, what should I do?” I suggest journaling. You can write down things you are passionate about, you can explore your feelings about different things, you can reflect on your day. Journaling has so many benefits, for more information about it, consult Google! 🙂
  • Your life is valuable and you exist for a reason. Everything has a reason to exist. You don’t need to have some grand mission in life or “save” Earth. Believe me, Earth has been here long before we existed. When you look up the sky and see the stars, remember that you are just as beautiful as these stars.Just be the best possible version of yourself. Yes, yourself. YOU. Not someone else’s version of you. Get in touch with yourself and your soul. Do things that you are passionate about, even if other people think they are”stupid”. Be BOLD. Be REAL. Be HAPPY. When you fully express yourself and live the life you truly want to live, you are giving others the permission to do the same, and this is the best gift you could offer humanity because let’s be honest here, EVERYONE IS AFRAID OF OTHER PEOPLE’S JUDGMENT.
  • Be mindful of the beauty around you. Yes, outer beauty matters. Look at the beauty of flowers, the beauty of different animals, birds, insects, etc. Nature is beautiful. This is how we humans know beauty and are able to recognize it. So yes, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Even if you are not beautiful by the standards of society, you are inherently beautiful. You know why? BECAUSE YOU ARE A REFLECTION OF THE DIVINE. Don’t let others define beauty for you. Present yourself in a way that feels authentic to you. Embrace your uniqueness. Accentuate the features you love most about your face and about your body. You will feel SO GOOD and when you feel good, life will be SO GOOD, because your life is simply a reflection of your inner world.

I will stop here.

I will share the rest of the lessons I learned in my next post. Stay tuned! 🙂

I hope these lessons find their way to your soul and I hope that you give yourself the opportunity to read this book. It is truly life-changing, like all the books that Paulo Coelho wrote.

You can find the book on Amazon by following this link:

With Love,


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