Think Because You go to the gym, you are physically active? Think again!

“Are you physically active”? A question frequently asked by healthcare professionals. Well, what does being physically active even mean? Lots of people picture a muscular individual who goes to the gym every day and drinks protein shakes. That is being physically active right? NOT NECESSARILY. Let me explain: Let’s say that is you. You go to the gym 3-4 times per week, you drink protein shakes and smoothies and eat fairly healthy. That is amazing! But you know the one thing that you’re probably doing that could ruin your efforts of trying to be healthy and physically active? SITTING. That is right. We sit too much nowadays. If you drive, you’re sitting. You are sitting on the bus. You are sitting in a lecture. You are sitting down to eat. You sit down to have coffee with a friend. And of course, when you’re sleeping, you are lying down in bed ( or at least let’s hope so…).

You get the picture right? We live in a time where the luxury of technology has made us less physically active. We are used to getting anything we want fast, with one click. But, technology should stay a luxury, not a lifestyle.

I first learned about this concept at a conference I attended by the Ontario Kinesiology Association (OKA). Universities started taking the initiative to decrease sitting time by including stand-up computer desks, instead of the regular computer desks with chairs. Maybe one day the stand-up computer/work desks will become the norm! Let’s remember that the human body is designed to move, so let’s honor our bodies every day by moving them and getting our hearts pumping!

Here are few ways you can decrease your sitting time and increase the time you are physically active:

  • If you take the bus, get off a stop earlier instead of stopping at your regular stop! This will give you the opportunity to walk more and enjoy nature! (Let’s hope it is a nice day out).
  • If you have to sit down to study, write an essay or for any reason, get up and walk every 20-30 minutes. Think of this as a gift you offer to your body every day 🙂
  • Have walking coffee dates with your friends! Instead of sitting at a cafe, buy your coffee (or tea) and take a walk with your friends! Or do the above: sit down for 20-30 minutes then take a walking break.
  • Take a dance break! Yes, dancing is a great and fun way of moving your body! You also get to listen to your favorite songs!

Now excuse me, It is time for my dance break because I have been sitting for too long writing this post…

Let me know in the comments If you have any other suggestions to decrease our sitting time!



With Love,



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