How Vulnerability Can Transform Your Life

I was inspired to write about vulnerability after reading the book Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead by the author Brené Brown.

You might be wondering” Well, what’s vulnerability?” If you look up vulnerability in the dictionary, you will learn that vulnerability comes from a Latin origin “Vulnerare” which means to wound. In other words, vulnerability means that you are open to the possibility of being wounded, attacked and criticized. Wow! Who wants to be open to being hurt and criticized? Why Am I even writing about this? It doesn’t sound fun, does it?

Dear ones, being vulnerable is a very dangerous way of living, however, it is the only way of living that is actually worth it. Being vulnerable means feeling all of your emotions. Yes, all of them, even the ones that you do not want to feel, the ones you keep denying” I am not hurt, I am just angry” You say, because anger will make you look powerful while feeling your real emotions ( feeling hurt) means that you might look “weak” or “wimpy”. Masking our emotions requires more mental energy than feeling the actual emotions when they arise. So, it really isn’t worth it! Note that giving yourself permission to feel all your emotions does not mean you can express them however you want. You are free (and should) feel all your emotions, however, as an adult, you are responsible for expressing your emotions in a mature, healthy manner.

Being vulnerable means giving yourself permission to say whatever is on your mind. No, not everyone is going to like what you say, but that is okay because you will feel so free from the inside. Again, that does not mean you have the right to say hurtful things to people and being brutally honest. It does mean being empathetic and assertive.

Being vulnerable means following a career path that you feel in your heart is right for you, regardless of what other people might think and feel about your decision.

Being vulnerable means having the courage to be creative and express yourself through different forms of art whether it is through singing, writing, painting, dancing, sketching, playing an instrument…etc. Making art is an extremely vulnerable process because you don’t know what you will end up with. I remember every time I decide to sit down and sketch, I feel a little nervous inside (yes, I love to draw and do sketches of the human body) because I am scared. Yes, scared because I don’t know if it will turn out how I want it to. Now I know that creating art is about having the courage to start and having the faith to keep going. Being vulnerable means letting what you created to be seen by others and possibly be criticized or admired.Being Vulnerable means you are okay with the fact that others may or may not like what you create because you know that what you create is about you, not them.

Being vulnerable means being honest with your partner and showing them exactly who you are. We all want to be loved for who we are and the only way that can happen is when we take the risk of exposing our true selves to our partners.The truth is, we are all scared to death of being loved, so we spend our time and energy running away from love. How do you think the hook-up culture came about? I personally think this is how. Being fully loved and cherished is scary because our brains always question it. ” you love me? do you know how imperfect I can be”? Thus, being vulnerable means being thankful and grateful when we feel joy instead of being fearful that this joy will be taken away from us. We all have emotional scars that have made their way to our hearts and we became who we are today because of them. Vulnerability is letting the light of love in. If there are no cracks, how will the light get in?

Being vulnerable means going after your goals and dreams despite how scared you feel. Yes, despite your fear, not in absence of your fear. Your fear of failure, fear of being so successful that you don’t think you are worth it, fear of what others will think of you and your decisions. Fear will always be there (Fear’s job to keep us alive, literally, however, fear should not be in charge of our lives!). Think of vulnerability as a way to let the divine within you be seen 🙂

I dare you to admit when you are wrong. I dare you to admit when you don’t know the answer to everything. I dare you to create and express yourself freely. I dare you to speak your mind. No, it won’t be easy. Some people won’t be able to handle the new you. But that is okay because once you feel liberated from the inside, you won’t be able to live your life any other way.


With Love,


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