Why am I here?

The question ‘why am I here’? crosses my mind quite often, and if you’re anything like me, you most likely ask yourself this question too. It’s a tough question to ask and it’s even more difficult to look for an answer to that question because you’re suddenly forced to question everything you are, everything you spend time doing, and even everything that you believe about yourself and the world. And that’s a good thing; it’s a necessary part of evolving, however, don’t get stuck there.

Here is what I discovered: the point of existing is just to simply live, to be; the fact that you exist is a miracle in and of itself. Can you believe this? YOU EXIST! Hence, you can read those words right now. You think plants, animals, and flowers question why they exist? They just exist gloriously and unapologetically. That’s a lesson for us. 

You’re given life by the universe through your parents; your life is like an empty canvas and you’re the artist, you’re free to paint whatever you want and however, you want. You’re also free to choose whatever tools you desire. Water paint? Acrylic paint? No paint at all? The choice is really yours.

There is no right or wrong answer: just live a life that makes sense to YOU. Whatever you end up doing, whatever you end up ‘painting’ on that canvas that is your life, remember one thing: do everything with love; let love guide you and be guided by love because that’s ultimately the only thing that matters. No, I don’t mean romantic love. I am talking about LOVE. The mysterious, creative energy that moves the universe. You’ll know when this energy is guiding you because you’ll feel at peace with yourself and the world. Feeling at peace is the ultimate form of success if you ask me.




P.S: This blog is dedicated to books and lifestyle inspiration, however, I recently started writing pieces like the above, I guess it’s poetry? (I don’t know what else to call it). Sometimes words come to me and I am moved to write. I believe that’s my purpose.            I hope pieces like this find their way to your soul because they come directly from mine.



With Love,






One thought on “Why am I here?

  1. A Free Soul says:

    Well, what you are saying here sounds nice, but I can’t imagine this to be realistic, it comes from this notion of individual responsibility, you look at the individual outside of the social and political structure, for example this blog post could be helpful to a person who lives in Sweden, but not for a person living under a totalitarian regime God knows where, and if there is a condition to this perfect state you describe, then it doesn’t exist unless society bestows this privilege upon the individual, and in reality, it wouldn’t be his right, but a privilege, and a privilege isn’t given for free, and it isn’t given for everyone, hence the unrealistic nature of equal chances, or the ability to “draw whatever you like on the canvas”, because the “canvas” in itself is a privilege.


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