The Universe we live in

We live in a marvelous, miraculous universe.

Even though you may lose your faith some days or you may feel like giving up sometimes

That’s tempting, but…


Just look around you.

You’re surrounded by impeccable beauty…animals, plants, stars, oceans…

All of nature just instinctively know this…you’re part of a divine universe that has order and nothing, NOTHING is random, even if it appears to be so.

There is a cause and effect for everything. Let nature guide you and be humble enough to be guided by nature.

No, don’t be guided by your primal instincts, although there is a time and a place for that.

Be guided by your higher self, by your soul, not by your ego or fear.

Your higher self speaks to you with love in moments of silence and you cannot ignore her voice because you’ll feel at peace in that instant. Fear will alarm you and paralyze you. And your ego? Well, your ego will either make you superior or inferior to others.

Take note of the principles with which the universe operates.

Live from your body and listen to its wisdom, it contains all of the secrets of your ancestors; may your soul communicate and express itself through your body. 







With Love,



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