Life lessons from The Prophet by Khalil Gibran: A book that speaks to your soul

This blog post is dedicated to one of the most influential, most beautiful, and most eloquent books I have ever read. And yes, I know I always say this about the books I write about here. But this one holds a special place in my mind and heart. And I can assure you that this is not just my opinion, this book has been loved by millions of people around the world. Alright, you must be wondering about the name of the book? The book that I am talking about is THE PROPHET by Khalil Gibran.

The Prophet will penetrate your soul like nothing else you’ve ever come across. It speaks to every single one of us because it targets big topics in life: love, marriage, death, work, joy, freedom, and many more (I don’t want to tell you too much, I do want you to read the book after all 😉 ).

Here are the messages that resonated with me the most from the book 🙂

  • Pain carries wisdom within it. Pain is, in fact, as marvelous as joy. Most often, the pain we suffer through is chosen by us. That’s because our souls seek to grow and expand and sometimes the only thing that can bring about this growth is pain. At the same time, Just remember: you don’t have to suffer. That means that if you find yourself in situations and circumstances that are causing you suffering, be mindful of what the pain is trying to teach you, however, work on freeing yourself from this suffering. The universe never wants you to suffer; it’s your ‘sick self’ as Gibran called it that is trying to heal itself by subjecting you to that suffering. You can look back at times when you suffered through pain and marvel at the growth that happened as a result of it. Trust your pain and accept it; it’s your soul’s way of healing the wounded parts of yourself.
  • A true teacher is someone who awakens in you what you already know and possess. Teaching is not about transferring knowledge and wisdom to other people. it’s about having faith in your students. We have heard that a true teacher won’t give you the fish but they will teach you how to fish. I say, inspired by Gibran, that a true teacher won’t teach you how to fish, they will inspire the wisdom and knowledge that are already in you so you can find your own fishnet and go embark on a fishing journey yourself. The path to God, wisdom, and knowledge is solitary; it’s unique to you.
  • Daily life is our temple and religion. Daily life is where we put faith into action. We’re essentially always praying, always worshipping when we recognize that we’re all part of this vast, ever-evolving universe. We’re one with all beings. When we truly develop spiritually, we realize that religion and other parts of life are not separate.
  • When we embrace life fully, we will understand the mystery of death and we won’t fear it. We can understand the mystery of life better when we contemplate death. This is why so many monks throughout history have contemplated death as part of their meditations.


There is a lot more I could write and would want to write, but I’d like to keep my blog posts short and sweet because, ultimately, the goal of this blog is to give you some food for thought, some food for your soul, and to share with you wonderful books out there that you may not have come across. I highly recommend you read The Prophet By Khalil Gibran because, trust me, you’ll find yourself rereading that book again and again. Also, I recommend that you spend some time reflecting on what you read; you’ll find that what you read can be applied to daily life (otherwise it’s a waste of time to read it). You’ll notice that Gibran’s words will illuminate your mind and feed your hungry soul.




With Love,




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