About me


Hi There, I am Merna! Welcome to my blog/website!  I love reading. I love reading books about health, relationships, love, sex, nutrition, fashion, and beauty. I also have a special love for literary fiction books (the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is a great example). I created this lifestyle website to simply share the amazing knowledge I learn from all the books I read.

When I am not reading, I enjoy writing/journaling, dancing, life drawing, and photography. I speak four languages and I am a little obsessed with learning new languages. I love fashion, makeup and I believe that the best products for our skin and hair are found in Mother Nature.

Oh and also: I AM A FOODIE! I love trying new foods and going to new restaurants and cafes (Did I mention that I LOVE COFFEE?). I will be sharing with you my favorite places to eat in different cities. I eat mostly a plant-based diet and I watch way too many Ted Talks ( Who can blame me, THEY ARE AWESOME! ).

I hold a bachelor of science degree in Kinesiology with a minor in French Studies. I am in love with the human body and how it works. My love for dance, yoga and human movement motivated me to study Kinesiology so it should be no surprise that I enjoy being active and moving my body to the music ( not just lifting at the gym).

Favourite music? I live for R&B, Hip-hop, jazz, latin music and a little bit of every genre.

Here you will find enriching information and tips to help you live a richer life!

With love,